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The following are our commonly asked questions.


What is Hero Network?

Hero Network is a social helping network that connects people in need with those who can help.

Who is Hero Network for?

Hero Network was created for individuals, schools, and organizations to give and get help.

Why should I use Hero Network?

Hero Network is an easy and cost effective solution for connecting people in need directly with those who can help.

How does Hero Network work?

Members can post a wish in just a few minutes. It can be for money, items or a service. They can then share it with their friends online and with our Hero Network. Heroes can then make credit card donations, send an item, or offer a service to grant the wish.

Who can be a Hero?

Anyone can donate via credit card, even people who aren’t members of Hero Network. Only Hero Network members can make an offer for item and service based wishes.

What do I need in order to get started?

Hero Network requires you to provide a level of legitimacy for your profile. You will need to sign up with a personal Facebook account. As an added level of security we require all members posting wishes to be certified by phone, credit card, or utility bill.

How much does Hero Network cost?

An 8% + .30¢ processing fee is applied to each monetary donation. These fees cover the credit card processing cost and the Hero Network's operational cost. This allows us to help thousands of people every year. Hero Network does not charge any fee for non-monetary wishes.

How secure is Hero Network?

Hero Network is very secure. We uses the top industry standard security features.

Do I need to report donations on my taxes?

If you collect more than $20,000 and 200 payments in the calendar year you will need to report it on your taxes.

Posting Wishes:

How do I accept offers on my wish?

The system automatically will accept any monetary donation on your behalf. If someone offers you a service or a product you will receive a message in your inbox. You can then accept or politely decline the offer. If you accept, connect directly with your hero to work out the details.

Where do people see my wish?

When you post a wish, it is public for the world to see on Hero Network. You can personally share your wish on Facebook, via Twitter and email.

How can I get the money donated to my wish?

For wishes that have a connected WePay account, the funds from your donations are available in your WePay account. If your wish was posted prior to the availability of WePay, please allow 7 days for a check to be manually sent after the wish have been granted.

Can I use PayPal on my wish?

No, the use of a person's individual PayPal accounts is not allowed. Hero Network provides a safe and secure funding environment for wishers and heroes alike and is the only way that funds may be transfered on the system. Any wish with embedded PayPal information in the wish or comments will be disabled.

How many wishes can I post?

Hero Network only allows you to post one wish at a time.

How long will a wish remain posted?

A wish will remain active for 30, 60, or 90 days then it will expire depending on your choice when you posted the wish. When the wish expires it will be marked granted if it has offers or closed if it does not. Members can view your expired wishes but cannot make offers on them. You can mark a wish closed or granted prior to the wish expiring. You must wait 7 days between posting wishes.

How do wishes get verified?

We only verify need-based wishes that are requesting money in excess of $500 that can be substantiated through legitimate paperwork. The security team selects specific wishes to verify. Please do not solicit to have your wish verified. A Hero Team staff member will contact you and you will have to supply them proof of need via email or fax. Once approved the "Verified Badge" will appear on your wish and your wish will appear in the verified wish section. Due to the quantity of wishes posted, we do not verify every wish that meets this criteria.

Can I link my wish to other fundraising websites?

No, we do not allow links to other fundraising or crowdfunding websites. Hero Network only has security features to monitor our own website. Allowing links to other platforms creates a gateway for fraudulent activity.

Can I edit my wish?

Yes. You can edit your wish from your manage wish page by selecting the edit button.

Granting Wishes:

How do I know that the wishes are legitimate?

Hero Network uses a variety of technologies to ensure that wishers and the wishes they post are legitimate. To start, all members are required to have a legitimate personal Facebook account to create a Hero Network account and post a wish. When members provide additional forms of identification, they receive special badges. A Facebook badge is provided for a verified Facebook account (a Facebook verified account has a verified mobile phone attached to it), a WePay badge for a verified WePay account, and finally a Phone badge for an account that has a Hero Network certified mobile phone connected to their account. This allows our Heroes to make informative decisions on who they would like to help.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Personal donations are not tax deductible.

What do I do if I suspect that a wish or user is not legitimate?

If you believe a user has created a fake account or a fake wish please email us at

What are Verified Wishes?

Hero Network goes to great lengths to ensure that the wishes you are helping are legitimate. Our security team does this by requesting additional paperwork as proof of the wishers need. Wishes that we are able to verify received the "Wish Verified" icon. Click on the "Verified" tab to view a list of wishes approved by our security team.

Facebook Integration:

Should I migrate or sign in?

If you are new to Hero Network you should join or sign in. If you have an existing account, you should migrate.

Why is the Hero Network using Facebook to authenticate?

To take our ability to help to the next level, we felt that it was extremely important to extend our helping reach socially. Facebook logins are secure and prevalent and provide a great platform for enabling our heroes to extend the reach of their philanthropy.

What will Hero Network share on my Facebook Timeline?

Hero Network only posts to your timeline when you "pray for", "support", or "donate" to a wish. You also can optionally post to your timeline when you post a wish.

Will Hero Network publish links to my Facebook profile?

No, Hero Network does not publish a link to your Facebook profile.

What public information will my Hero Network profile reveal?

When you sign up with Facebook, Hero Network will access your name, city, and profile picture for public display

Can I change my username?

No. Our platform only allows members to use real names verified by other social networking platforms. This provides a level of security and a legitimacy for those looking to help.


How do I create my WePay account?

Your WePay account is created when you post your first wish. At that time, you are directed through the process of creating your WePay account.

When are my funds available through WePay?

WePay puts the funds directly into your account after the card payment has been approved. Please allow 1-3 business days for deposited funds to be transferred into your bank account. Visit and login with your email and password.

Do I need a bank account to get paid by WePay?

No you don't need a bank account to be registered by WePay. To withdraw your funds you can have a check sent to you.

Why do I need to sign up for WePay for item and service wishes?

Most members post wishes for donations. Once you register for WePay you can easily post future wishes for financial donations.

Does WePay work with foreign bank accounts?

Unfortunately, no. You can still accept funds via WePay but you will need to have a check issued to receive funds from your account.

Why does WePay need my social security number?

WePay requires your Social Security Number to verify your identity and to comply with state and federal regulations. It provides an additional level of account legitimacy for heroes who donate. WePay does not run credit checks on any of the users, so signing up for a WePay account will not impact your credit score.


THIS IS NOT AN OPINION SITE: This is a site for helping only. No one should judge the Wish, the Wisher or the Hero.

NEGATIVITY IS NOT ALLOWED:This site is for positive reinforcement and support. If you don't have something nice to say, then don't say anything at all.

DON'T HARASS THE HEROES:Do not private message members directly asking them for help, to view your wish, to sign up for something or to visit another site.

NO TATTLETALES:Please do not post comments stating the rules on someone's wish. Instead, send that person a polite private message or contact the admin. Many members are new and their actions are unintentional.

NO REGIFTING:Hero Network allows people to donate money and items to help those in need. Please do not use your donations to grant other wishes.

DON'T BE GREEDY:Do not make a wish containing everything you ever wanted. It usually guarantees that nothing will be granted. Make a wish from your heart with as much detail as possible. Wishes do come true!

THANK YOU:After you receive your granted wish, thank your hero in a Private Message, it's common courtesy and common sense.

NO DOUBLE DIPPING:Although there are many other fundraising platforms, it is greedy to post your need on more than one platform at time. Taking advantage of different groups of people is very unethical.

NO DUPLICATE WISHES:Duplicate wishes are not allowed and will be removed.

Link Your Account

To use the social features of Hero Network you need to link your account to your Facebook account. When you link your Hero Network account to Facebook you will be able to share wishes with your Facebook friends.
Hero Network will never post to Facebook without your permission and none of your Facebook information is shown in your Hero Network profile.