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Helping Gets Social

Heroes come in all ages and from all walks of life. From our nation's most powerful corporations to those with limited financial means. Everyone can be a hero on
the Hero Network

Why Facebook?

Hero Network is the world's first and largest social helping network. The biggest challenge for those in need is to get their message to as many heroes as possible. We have to decided to leverage the power of Facebook to extend our helping reach!

Social Features?

A Wish is a "need" or "desire" that can be granted by someone who can help. Wishes posted to Hero Network range from simple everyday needs to expensive long-term care. People can wish for money, an item, a service, or even a dream.

Pray for

Use our new "Pray For" button to share your spiritual energy for a wish with your friends.


Can't donate right now use our new "Support" button to advocate for a wish with your friends

Why Facebook Logins?

  • Secure: Facebook logins are among the most secure in the industry. Utilizing high security SSL, your login credentials are only maintained in one place, reducing your risk of identity theft.
  • Convenient: No need to remember multiple logins and passwords. You are automatically logged into the Hero Network while your Facebook session is active. Otherwise, click one button, log in with Facebook, and you are in.
  • Easy to share: Expand your philanthropy by sharing with your friends, your church, or any other organization that does good.
  • Real Identities: Hero Network encourages our wishers to have open Facebook profiles so our Heroes can gain comfort that their donations are going to a good cause.

Your Privacy Matters

At Hero Network we respect and protect the privacy of our members. Hero Network will never contact your friends or post to your Facebook wall or timeline without your explicit permission and none of your private Facebook information is shown on your Hero Network profile.

Link Your Account

To use the social features of Hero Network you need to link your account to your Facebook account. When you link your Hero Network account to Facebook you will be able to share wishes with your Facebook friends.
Hero Network will never post to Facebook without your permission and none of your Facebook information is shown in your Hero Network profile.