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  • I'm 59 yrs.old with a son that walked away from a very abusive relationship because my son didn't feel safe@home and was afraid of his father. We walked away six yrs. ago. Been strugling since. I took a MA course to better myself but I've been unemployed since March 2013 and have interviewed for numerous jobs but haven't had any luck. My abusive ex is the one paying my rent, but it doesn't come without a price. Have friends in Omaha who are willing to help us with job searches, apartment rentals and my son going to college. Unemployment benefits ended and have no way of income. I have a 2007 car that I owe $1,000.00 to the bank and I need to fix a fender bender so we can drive to Omaha. I know that if we can move, everything will be better for us. Once we leave Miami I know God is with us.I want to work;still able, willing and qualified. I'm a Medical Assistant/Admin, fully bilingual with 30+ yrs of experience. I know my age is considered senior but I just need some help getting to my new destination. Can you please help us?

    Here is breakdown of amount I request.Pls keep in mind that I don't need money if I can get help instead. This is what I mean.
    1. Need $1,000.00 to pay-off car then I have a debt free car.
    2. Car has a fender bender that needs fixing. This is the car we are using to drive to Omaha. Is there anyone who can pls fix the car? If so, that's about $1,000.00 less.
    3. Due to my struggle with debts, I have retaind Jacoby and Meyers to submit a bankruptcy for me. I have been paying the $50.00 a month installment plan that needs to be paid before filing, That's about $1,000.00.
    4. Need $1,000.00 for a month deposit a month rent in order to rent in Nebraska,
    5.Remaining $$ is for travel expenses;food, gas, one night in a motel to rest, tolls and money to get around when we reach Omaha until I find a job.

    Pls,pls help us! Any Hero or God's angels out there that can assist? Money or service. Tks & God bless!

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Raised:$0.00 Goal:$5,000.00
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on Jan 02/2014
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bratwkidz Commentor

Hoping you get many heroes :) Please contact the Salvation Army and battered women's shelters in your area. They can assist with the move, especially the shelters. They have more resources than one might think. They helped me. They can help you, too. If you need numbers, shoot me a pm and I'll get them for you! Best of luck and many blessings your 2014 brings you peace and happiness...


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