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  • Hello,
    I'm not sure how much information I should put on here but here goes... Three years ago my family was at its lowest point, disabled, homeless, jobless, car-less & pregnant (surprise birth control is not 100% lol) Since then we found a home in Camden (all we could afford), my husband has found a job and we've been blessed enough to have a car. Unfortunately though we live on a super fixed income and these last 3 Summers have been dreadful. I'm praying that we can find a hero that will get us Clementon Park passes for 6. It would mean an amazing Summer for our 4 children and just the world to me and my husband!!!! I hope this works!! Fingers Crossed :-)

Be a Hero!
Be a Hero!


on Jul 01/2015
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BeckieBee Commentor

~Never Stop Believing in HOPE Because Miracles Happen EVERYDAY~ I can send you $1 via Paypal within 3 hours Click here
on May 10/2015
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Vicky Brams Commentor

i got issues of bills and i was directed to met this godsent hero and i got helped,you can contact him on( it a try
on May 07/2015
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DELETED! Commentor

Wishing you many heroes! God Bless
on May 07/2015
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baseball2015 Commentor

Need to post cost of tickets


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