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My Boyfriend Had a Great Birthday

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  • If you know me, you know that I have a boyfriend. This is my second wish. But it is only a want. Tomorrow is my boyfriend's birthday ( I know, a little too late) but he loved go kart racing, and if anybody has any extra parts, like tires or even tire prep, or any thing go kart. He would love that, even if it is a little late. If not, a card would be great too! Or even a birthday wish from a stranger would be nice.
    Thanks for your support everyone!

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Be a Hero!


on May 31/2010
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kelzmo21 Wisher

Thanks so much! He had a great birthday!
on May 26/2010
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46sko Donor

I'd be glad to send him a card. Please send me his info.
on May 24/2010
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sharonh72 Donor

id be happy to send him a card please send info. hugs sharon
on May 24/2010
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kymomof4 Commentor

I hope he has a wonderful birthday.


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